Turn2God Ministries

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our story

Turn2God Ministries had humble beginnings. During 2002 God commanded Elza Meyer in an audible voice to tell SA to turn to Him, to which Elza replied, “My voice is too soft”. At that time she was still ministering at the Dutch Reformed Church Kempton Park West, also leading an interdenominational forum in Kempton Park and Tembisa, known as Kempbisa.

Soon thereafter she was called to serve at Moreleta Park Congregation, where she found herself until 2010. During this time the well known Esther- and Daniel Conferences started through her ministry. In March 2010 she felt lead to convene a meeting at the Union Buildings, where 15 000 people devoted SA to God in co-operation with all political-, and governmental leaders present. In March 2011 Fire Trails followed, and soon thereafter Turn2God Ministries (T2G) became an independent organization, serving all spheres of society. 

The Turn2God organization loves our King, proclaims the message given to us, and would like to assist in transforming nations to turn to God with heart, head, and hand. The goal of the Ministry is to unite nations under God’s Lordship. T2G works towards countries:

  • Ruled by righteousness
  • Guided by truth
  • Governed by love
  • Inspired by hope
  • Devoted to peace
  • Blessed with abundance
  • Humbly lighting the way for others to follow

Turn2God Ministries serves the Lord, and by His grace communities by means of the following ministry spheres. One of them might just be where you find your purpose as well. If so, contact us at elza@turn2god.co.za

our ministries

T2G Commission

T2G Commission offers conferences, seminars and training sessions to the body of Christ, communities and leaders in order to inspire and equip congregations, towns and cities to turn2God in South Africa, as well as all over the world. 

Countries already impacted by Turn2God Ministries include Canada, the USA, the UAE, Egypt, Kuala Lumpur, Russia, and Armenia. Elza also leads bi-annual tours to Turkey and Israel.

If you want to book an event or training session, or would like to join a tour contact Rev. Elza Meyer at elza@turn2god.co.za or Adri at adri@turn2god.co.za, or contact Rev. Elza Meyer on Whatsapp at +27-82-570-3915 or Adri on 082 320-6434.

Turn2God Commission includes the following:

T2G Prayer

T2G PRAYER forms an integral part of Turn2God Commission and ensures that T2G Ministries is drenched in intercession and prayer. 

If you would like to pray with us, contact Rev. Elza Meyer on elza@turn2god.co.za or on Whatsapp at +27-82-570-3915; Adri at adri@turn2god.co.za or on 082-320-6434 and join the more than 30 prayer groups throughout SA and Namibia, praying for a God fearing nation to be established.

T2G Hikes

TURN2GOD HIKES offers the opportunity to hikers to climb the highest mountains in prayer, interceding for nations.

Several peaks on the Drakensberg, as well as Mount Kenya, Ararat, and Kilimanjaro, are amongst the list of mountains already climbed.

Turn2God Hikes is co-ordinated by Marésa van der Walt, who can be contacted on 083-310-3106.

T2G Sport

TURN2GOD SPORT, whereby athletes partake in races, wearing gear with Turn2God in bold colours. Turn2God Sport is registered respectively as a SA Athletics-, Cycling- as well as Swimming Club. This enables athletes to compete in and qualify for all national contests. Turn2God Sport is co-ordinated by Roelene Uys who can be contacted on 082-553-0313.

T2G Tools

Banners, buttons, billboards, etc. are available to communicate the message on gates, at business premises and in public areas. Contact adri@turn2god.co.za 

T2G Cities


Under the vibrant leadership of Rev. Jaco Putter from Polokwane this city is an example of what can be done in turning a community to God.

Several schools are already operating in accordance to Biblical principles, taking the T2G message to every learner. Learners pray for their school, city, community and country to turn wholeheartedly to God, and some sport teams wear the T2G logo on their gear.

Business leaders play an important role in uplifting the city, addressing the needs within the inner city, and working with local government to develop the city to capacity.

City- and church leaders, local intercessors and inspired citizens pray reverently for the city, trusting God for a city free from crime and violence. They trust God to mobilize their city to become a place of peace and blessing.

Leaders have a voice in the Province, and see God’s Kingdom come on several levels of society, and in government. Many cities in the Province have been identified, and leaders raised up to partake in the Provincial T2G quest to turn our nation to God.

T2G Cities

Rev. Jaco Putter can be reached at jputter@telkomsa.net or putterjj@gmail.com.

Other Turn2God cities, where T2G ambassadors are working towards a God inspired community include Groblersdal, under the leadership of Celia Vorster who can be contacted on 082-577-7591 and Cullinan with Rachelle Kruger as co-ordinator who can be contacted on 082-952-9347.

T2G Core

T2G CORE focuses primarily on national and international issues, praying for God’s will to be established on earth as in heaven.  Info regarding national and international events is received via Whatsapp by the operational room, processed into prayer pointers based on biblical principals, and then sent to intercessors via Whatsapp.

If you want to join T2G Core, contact Willie du Plooy on +27-65-8337686. 

Pieter en Darelize Meyer
André en Taschja Hatting

T2G Campaigns

By means of conferences, seminars, training sessions, and radio messages the body of Christ, communities and leaders in rural areas, and on farms are inspired and equipped to Turn2God.

André Hatting and Pieter Meyer co-ordinate this ministry area. If you are interested in discipleship- or prayer training, contact André at 082-575-5832 or Taschja at 072-227-4023.

If you would like to start a farm ministry, feel free to contact Pieter at pieter@inovet.co.za or phone him on 082-334-8906.